Dear Ben

Dear Ben,

You’ve asked me to anchor the “senior” section of your blog.  I’m flattered, but having a little trouble with the whole “senior” thing, as I’m not so sure that’s a category I really want to be in.  Nevertheless, I will attempt your request.  I want a catchy title, what do you think of these:


Is 50 the New 35?  No, Not Really…

Older, Yet No Wiser…

Oops, I AARPed!

What Happened To My Face?

Wrinkles…Not Cool

Say What?

What I Think; Whether You Like It or Not…

Because I Said So…

Senior Moments

God, I’m Old…

I’ve Fallen and I’m Not Sure I Want To Get Up

Just a Minute While I Put My Glasses On…

Where’s My Senior Discount?

Shrinkage…and Other Thoughts

O.M.G. it’s hard to be O.L.D.

Thoughts from Beyond

I Don’t Need an Excuse to Drink on a Tuesday Anymore

Old News

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

Opinions: I Will Give Them…Often

Let me know what you think…not that it really matters…



One response to “Dear Ben”

  1. Anna says :

    Mom, as per our discussion on Saturday night, you need the titles of your posts to be “…It depends…” Kind of like a “Dear Abby”, where you give advice on all areas where people have doubts about their decision-making…you would respond, “well I don’t know, it depends…”

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