My name is Ben Gullickson.  I recently graduated from college, and like so many of my peers, I went on to move home with my parents.  Long ago I learned to live with the crippling shame of being a tall, nerdy white boy, so moving in with my parents was a natural next step.  In fact, I learned to surpress the societal shame I was experiencing, and actually enjoy my time at home.  However, sometime during the period of time where I was sharing a bedroom with my 13 year old brother, carpooling into work with my father, and spending Friday nights hanging out with my parents, I discovered my life was a living hell.  I of course do not mention that my laundry was taken care of, food was prepared, and alcohol and cable services were provided, as this is negligible.  Naturally, growing up in the internet generation, I decided to write a blog about my tribulations.

Ok, I’ll cut the crap.  In all honesty, this blog is merely a ploy to crack my friends up as I and some of my fellow peers (and one elder stateswoman who happens to be my mother) chronicle our lives and adventures after leaving the bubble of college.  Most of us have moved home, most of us are in a new city, and all of us have no idea what the hell we’re doing.  This is a venue to air our grievances, as well as provide fodder on our misadventures, and, at times, embarrassing mistakes.  It is my hope that over time, this site will provide something for everyone: humor, adventure, baked goods, music suggestions, murder plots, etc.  However, I have been known to have unrealistic expectations.  Overall, the tone will be sarcastic and biting, but you might be surprised to find (at times) some real human emotions permeating throughout the site.  We apologize in advance for this.

So, please enjoy what we have to say, and how we say it.  Whether you return to this site for sincere enjoyment, morbid curiosity, or mocking interest, we hope that we provide bountiful entertainment.

Your Los Angeles Correspondent,

Benjamin Gullickson

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