And finally, a fifth introduction.

Hello, internet world.  I am Taylor and I will be the Winchester (look it up) correspondent.

Like my friends Gen and Ben, I am a recent college graduate, and while they will be chronicling their adventures in exciting, new cities, I will be recounting my experiences of returning to my hometown and back to the open arms of my parents.

After graduating a semester early from college, I spent a couple months honing my diaper changing skills as a preschool teacher in Williamsburg, while I waited for the rest of my friends to graduate.   That was pretty fun, but eventually everyone left to go on to new adventures, so I decided I had to move on to new adventures too!  So obviously I moved back in with my parents, back to the small town I grew up in.

In all seriousness, moving back has been great.  And that’s what I’ll be writing about: how to survive the familiar landscapes of your childhood as a (mild) adult.  While my experiences will probably definitely be less cultured than my urban counterparts, they will most likely be equally as drunk (I’m looking at you, Gen), with probably as many embarrassing stories (again, you Gen) and hopefully as endearing.

So get ready for some awesome stuff, guys.  Seriously. It’s gonna be cool.

I think.


About Taylor Graham

Living the dream.

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