A Family Affair

On New Year’s Eve, I went to a Pink Martini concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.  It was an absolute blast, and never having heard any of Pink Martini’s music nor been to the concert hall before, it was definitely a night to remember.  The hall is absolutely beautiful, and its exterior amazement is matched only by its interior grace.  The concert itself was a raucous occasion full of surprise guests and even an accompanying marching band.  It was certainly a memorable experience, and a wonderful date night with my sister.  Yes, my sister.

Going on a date with your opposite-sex sibling is a rite of passage that every man must face at some point.  It just makes it all that much harder when your sister is a six foot tall blonde, leggy beauty and you look just like her except without the long flowing golden locks and the boobs.  Not fun.  It’s also all the more awkward when you’re both single in a new city and do a lot of things together, like have a fancy evening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and love hanging out with her, it’s just very uncomfortable when you’re sitting in a restaurant in your fancy clothing and you realize every other couple in the room is boning each other.

Seeing as I have absolutely no shame though, I look forward to going on future dates with my sister.  Yes, I said it.  It will be great fun going to bars and clubs with her, watching as heads turn and records scratch.  Her, in a sea of gentleman suitors, and me sitting alone at the bar.  Or maybe instead we’ll have a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl.  Or maybe we’ll go on a shopping spree in Santa Monica.  Whichever we choose , it’ll be highly romantic, and everyone will be thinking, “Wow, she really lucked out in the genes department.”   Because if nothing else, I’m a good brother, and a good brother knows how to be a good wingman.  A good brother also knows to consume more alcohol than said sister so that she has to drive home.  And I am a VERY good brother.


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2 responses to “A Family Affair”

  1. Anna says :

    Who would’ve thought, Ben has a heart of gold underneath that steel wool exterior….and for the record, a fare will be charged for driving you home. None of this “sisterly love” crap…

  2. emtywell says :

    Ahahahahahahaha, this is beautiful. I can relate, I spent a weekend in Paris with my brother. The Effle tower in the moonlight, exploited african immigrants trying to guilt you into buying roses, the whole shebang, it was very romantic. lol.

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