Achieving Goals!

In the theme of New Years resolutions and goals, I will tell you all a little success story of mine.

Since quitting my real person job and moving back in with my parents, I thought I could use my sudden abundance of time to start taking better care of my body.  For those of you unaqquainted with my habits, you should know that this is quite a feat, as my diet has typically been made up of a large amount of the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell dollar menu, and that I only went to the gym in college to play intermural basketball or to climb on the rock wall.  And that only happened, like, 4 times.

So despite years of bad habits working against me, I decided I was going to lose those lbs I’d packed on since I’d left for college.  In my attempt to reach this goal, I realized I needed to make some changes.  I got a dog, in hopes that I would walk it (I don’t). I spent hours deciding which gym to join (I haven’t).  But despite these setbacks, I have manage to actually lose some weight.  And I didn’t even notice! Until today…

Today, the 68 year old dishwasher at the restaurant where I am employed walked up to me, and began, as he always does, to speak to me, rapidly, in Spanish.  This would be fine, if I understood a word of Spanish. I do not.

Our conversation went something like this:

Grandpa (Also for some creepy reason, everyone calls this man “Grandpa”): Thrajdke ajsowe dsalkjfa  fasjdflkj asdjfasf  SPANISH SPANISH SPANISH kjfa asdfjslfkj dfas jsfd al” 

Me: “Grandpa, you know I don’t speak Spanish,  I can’t understand you.  I took French remember? Lo ciento!? No comprendo?! YO NO SAY?!”

Grandpa then starts gesturing with his arms while still rambling in Spanish.  He points at me (mostly my mid-region), then holds his hands apart real wide, then brings them in, then points to me.  This happens repeatedly, while I, in a bizarro game of charades, try to guess what exactly he’s trying to say about me to me.  

Eventually we reach this:

Me: “What Grandpa?  Are you saying that I was fat? But now I’m not?”

Grandpa: “Si, si!” (Nods and smiles and continues to gesture and point)

Me: “Ok. Thanks.”

Thanks to Grandpa, today I realized that I’d reached a goal without even trying!  I think that’s a good lesson to take away.  Sometimes, it’s just better to not even try.

PS. I’m pretty sure the secret to my disappearing figure is that I drink a lot of Five Hour Energies, then lose my appetite for days!  Or maybe it’s just the new pants I got.  In any case, Grandpa thinks I’m skinny.  And that’s all that really matters, right?

Con amor,


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2 responses to “Achieving Goals!”

  1. Bryan says :

    Don’t forget those bowls of salad dressing.

    Te quiero, mama mio!

  2. Catherine Gullickson says :

    I hope you added Grandpa to your friend page on Facebook. Anyone who says you’re skinny is a quality person.

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