Who’s Your Daddy(‘s favorite)…my dad named this post…

John Bane (my dad) has three children. Greg is an attorney, Will does Teach for America, and Amelia(me!) has no definite plans after graduation. John Bane loves all three of his children but never tries to hide the fact that he loves me the most. My brothers call it unfair. I call it a job well done.  I’m constantly working to maintain my spot as John Bane’s favorite child. After years of research I have generated a list of  my dad’s favorite topics of conversation.

List of My Dad’s Favorite Topics

  1. Baseball
  2. Vietnam
  3. William & Mary
  4. Greek Life
  5. Celebrity Gossip

Throughout my life, I have used my knowledge of the list to become the favorite child.

Baseball– When my dad realized my brothers “couldn’t catch pee running down their legs” I became his last hope for a baseball player in the family. I bring up my softball days frequently to remind my dad why I’m so much better than both my brothers.

Vietnam– My dad is a Vietnam combat veteran. Once in high school, I read Tim OBrien’s The Things They Carried for an English class. It’s a book written by a Vietnam veteran. To this day, I alternate facts I learned through this book with statements like “God. Hippies are the worst!” I also own a “God Bless America” t-shirt.

William & Mary– I go to my dad’s alma mater. My brothers went to UVA. My dad loves me more.

Greek Life– My dad always wanted me to go Greek. I avoided it until sophomore year but look at me now! I’m so Greek I appear twice on the composite!

Celebrity Gossip–  We agree on celebrity gossip. John Bane does not believe a female star can take the spot as “new female star” until she surpasses Pink. We both agree that Katy Perry has not yet surpassed Pink.


I’m not worried about losing my spot as favorite child to either of my brothers. I keep my methods a secret. They’re safe on this blog. Neither one of my brothers will read this blog. They’re too busy practicing law and teaching geography. My dad will probably read this though…

One response to “Who’s Your Daddy(‘s favorite)…my dad named this post…”

  1. Catherine Gullickson says :

    Thanks for the “how to be a favorite child” tips, I’m passing them on to my 13 yr old. I’m tired of having to remind him all the time that it’s all about me. He needs to just get it, like you obviously do. I wish you had been around when Ben was 13…sigh…

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