The Ironical Chronicle started when one man boy moved far far away from his friends to a mystical place.  This place had warm weather, leathery skins, taco trucks and a plethora of tattoos.  Yes, this place was Los Angeles.  However, this one man boy needed a way to stay in touch with these friends, so he decided to start a blog.  This blog would offer an insight into what was happening in each of his friends’ lives, as they rarely answered his calls and mocked his probing text messages.  Thus, The Ironical Chronicle was born, and got off to a sputtering start.  Well, so did the Model-T.  It is this one man’s boy’s belief that one day this endeavor will grow into the company that Ford became, minus the bankruptcy and cars and shit.

Naturally, much help was needed on this “endeavor”, so instead of turning to seasoned professionals, or his fellow business school graduates, this one man idiot turned to his friends who earned their degrees in “liberal arts”…allegedly…  Anyways, being so superior in so many ways, the creator of this blog decided to perform some charity and give those less fortunate an opportunity-of-the-immediate-future.  Naturally, they accepted.  So together, these few friends (and one mother), this fellowship of friends (and sometime acquaintances) forged out to spread cheer and laughter.  This is the chronicle of their perpetual failures.


The mission of this blog is to mine the humor in everyday occurrences.  Local newspapers undoubtedly fill that void at present, but it is our staff’s hope that this site will one day become your main resource for all things ironical.  Rarely will you find true, human emotion on this site, as that is too easy to mock, and is often seen as a sign of weakness.  Trust us.  Instead, what you shall find is (un)intelligent musings on dating, food, pop culture, food, lifestyles, food, work, weekends, and of course, food.  That last sentence was a test to see if you actually believe this site is about food.  It’s not.  But damn it all if we here don’t love it all the same.

Closing Arguments

In conclusion, that is why you should read this blog.

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