Benjamin Gullickson – Los Angeles Correspondent

Benjamin stole the name of this blog from his mother, and, being too lazy to do a blog all by himself, decided to rope his friends into writing stuff for him and taking all the credit.  Naturally, Benjamin is enjoying this very much.  In the meantime, he is also enjoying living in a new city with his family, his nonexistent friends, and his bleak dating life.  However, he loves food very much, and owing to the fact that he receives home-cooked meals everyday, is quite content with his current situation.

Genevieve Blau – New York Correspondent

Genevieve is that douche who moved to New York City after graduation without any shred of a plan. She majored in Psychology and loves wine. Through this blog, she invites you to share with her the formative experiences of moving to a new city, finding a job, and being a dateless bridesmaid at a friends wedding. These truly are the days of our lives.

Catherine Gullickson – Senior Correspondent

Catherine is just plain old old.  This seems to be the only necessary qualification for becoming the Senior Correspondent.  She’s somewhat concerned about the low standards of this blog, but will proceed because she has to, as her son Ben lives in her basement.  Awkward… but;lkajsd;flkjas;dlkjfa;slkdjf;alskdjf;alskdjf;alksjdfakjsbdflka slkdjf sldkfj

Amelia Bane – Williamsburg Correspondent

 Amelia is the infant who watched many of her friends graduate from college and search for jobs last year. A senior, she enjoys frolicking around campus pretending that she will never graduate or need to search for a job. She spends most of her time writing jokes, making videos, and attempting to write a hip hopera. She should probably work on her resume. fkjjlklkjs dsflkjds f sldkj lskjd lsk jdlfkjsdlksjd fsldkj flskdj flskdj fslkdj fsldk jflskd jflsd jflskdj flskd jflskdj lfskdj flsdk jfsldkj flskd jflskd jfs

Mary Weller – Foreign Correspondent

Mary is that postgrad in Europe doing who the hell knows what.  Motivated by the vague notion of pursuing a degree in comparative literature and a strong desire not to work at a job which includes aprons, hats, or T-shirts baring catchy slogans, she hightailed it for France shortly after graduation.  You’re imagining a very romantic situation…except that she works teaching English in a high school.  And thus she finds herself, a slightly dyslexic ex-English major (who ALMOST finished a French minor) trying desperately to engage students in a language they don’t speak and she can’t spell.  It’s fun.  She draws a lot of pictures…Her hobbies include eating anything and everything she sees, getting into awkward situations by speaking french poorly, and giving herself nicknames.

3 responses to “Correspondents”

  1. Jill says :

    This is a POSITIVE review for the Senior Correspondent, so you can let her see it, Ben. All I have to say is that finally Cath has been “hired” to share her unique and hilarious perspective on aging, family life and other less exciting dramas. Cath, I’ll try to send so many replies that the Senior Living blog will clearly be the most popular feature, you’ll get a raise, and can hire help to keep up with Ben’s laundry. Given your Frau Blucher image, some other possible titles for your blog: “Was this wart always there?” or “Stay close to the liquor cabinet, old age can be…..treacherous”. Can’t wait for the next installment!

    • Catherine Gullickson says :

      Thank you for that POSITIVE review. I knew I could count on you. I hope you’re not expecting a kickback or anything as obviously, this deal isn’t making me any money. Maybe a drink sometime. It’s not like we’ve invented the internet or Google or anything…

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